Tinctures are best utilized when applied and held underneath the tongue for for 15-60 seconds. If you don’t like the taste, after holding it under the tongue for 60s you can just spit it out and still get a significant majority of the benefits.

Doses of tincture (“CBD oil” as it is often called) should be measured out in “dropper-fulls”, which are on average about 1/2 mL. There are 30mL in an ounce, so a 1oz bottle has 60 dropper fulls, 2oz bottles have 120 dropper fulls, and so on.

Click me to view New South Botanical's famous guide: "How to Think About Hemp Flower Extract"

Our tincture formulas are broken down between our “Original Formula” which contains 7mg CBD per dropper full, and our more concentrated “Advanced Formula” which contains 21mg CBD per dropper full. More concentrated CBD oil tinctures allow you to get a decent amount (20-40mg CBD or more) in just 1-2 dropper-fulls. This is what most of our long time customers use and we recommend.

There is also increased value (in terms of price/mg-CBD) when buying our higher price items. For this reason our most popular tincture, the “2800” (2oz Advanced Formula) is also the most expensive (because it lasts forever). Read more about how to think about CBD in terms of concentration and value here.

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