CBD Oil Tinctures

Designed to be held underneath the tongue for 15-60s. our CBD Oil tinctures can also be put into foods and even be applied topically for topical inflammation and pain relief. Compared to vaporization, the effects of tinctures take a little bit longer to be felt, but they last longer as well. Often a combination of long acting tincture and short acting vaporization of CBD can be a great combination for dealing with management of more serious issues.

They also provide the best “bang for your buck”, especially in the largest, most concentration versions. For example, some of our most consistent online customers take roughly 40-60mg CBD per day, which is just 2-3 dropper-fulls of our advanced tincture formula. Using our 2oz Advanced Hemp Flower Extract (best value), this will only cost you $2.40-$3.60/day and last 40-60 days per bottle.

Formulas Offered

Supreme Formula: 63mg-CBD/dropper-full (0.5mL). Best value for money, best formula for pain.
Advanced Formula: 21 mg-CBD/dropper full (0.5mL). Comes in 1/2oz (700mg cannabinoids), 1oz (1400mg) and 2oz (2800mg) versions.
Original Formula: 7 mg-CBD/dropper-full (0.5mL). Comes in 1/2oz (225mg cannabinoids), 1oz (450mg) and 2oz (900mg) versions.

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