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  • Regardless of how much oil you want to use, the best practice is the same. Use the dropper to put the oil underneath your tongue, and hold it there for 15-60 seconds. The longer the better.
  • Simple ingestion of hemp flower oil by itself or as an additive does work, but it will likely not be as effective. Bear in mind that MCT oil boils at 338 F, and many beneficial terpenes in hemp flower oil will vaporize away above 130 F.

What is a dropper?

  • A “dropper” is not a drop, it is the full amount of oil that can be pulled into the dropper by squeezing the bulb at the top of it.
  • If you want results, do not meter out your hemp oil servings in individual drops, use full droppers.


  • To answer the question “how much CBD oil should I take”, you must first know how much CBD is in each serving you are taking. In our original (390 mg-CBD/oz) hemp flower extract formula each full dropper of our 1oz, 450 mg cannabinoid tincture contains 6-7 mg/CBD.
  • Again, speak with your healthcare professional for specific CBD dosage advice, but for casual users it is suggested to use 2-6 droppers-full (12-36 mg-CBD) of our original 390 mg-CBD/oz hemp flower extract formula for a minimum effective dosage.

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