About Us

New South Botanicals was founded by a group of four South Carolinians with backgrounds in biochemistry, food services, agriculture and retail marketing, respectively. We are a small operation, growing only as fast as we can control quality, with the goal of building a brand to last – one associated with quality, transparency, convenience and style.

Dedication to our Products:

Whether its our affordable tinctures, our state-of-the-art CBD solutions or our potent honey sticks, the verdict is in: The people of South Carolina love our products. Ås of August 2018, we not only sell direct through our online store, but are carried in over 60 stores across the Southeast as well as New York, California, New Jersey, Ohio, including pharmacies, osteopathic (holistic) healthcare practices, chiropractors, health food stores and more.

For more information on Wholesale visit our Wholesale Inquiry page.

Quality Matters:

When you buy our hemp oil extract products, you know what you are getting. Every product we make is redundantly lab tested to have 97-103% of the advertised cannabidiol (CBD) and other cannabinoids and <0.2% THC, in addition we send off our extracts to be tested for pesticides, heavy metals and mycotoxins.

Thanks for visiting and for more information about CBD hemp oil, visit our CBD Hemp Oil FAQ Page. Our online store is also open 24/7, shipping Monday through Friday, and our product information pages contain a lot more information about CBD in general.

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