Who is New south botanicals?


New South Botanicals was founded by a small group of South Carolinians with backgrounds in biochemistry, agriculture, food services, product managment and

retail marketing. We all came together with your best interests in mind, our goal being to provide you with a safe, all natural tool to help you live your fullest

and healthiest life. In our efforts to build a brand to last, New South Botanicals values quality, transparency, convenience and style.

Our mission, because Quality Matters… 


New South Botanical’s mission is to create products and a brand synonymous with delicious, safe, effective and convenient cannabinoid extract infused

delivery systems. When you buy our hemp oil extract products, you know what you are getting. Every product we make is redundantly lab tested to have

97-103% of theadvertised cannabidiol (CBD) and other cannabinoids and <0.2% THC.

In addition we send off our extracts to be tested for pesticides, heavy metals and mycotoxins.

Dedication to our CUstomers


Because of our affordable tinctures, our state-of-the-art CBD solutions and our potent honey sticks, the verdict is: The people of South Carolina love our

products. As of August 2018, we not only sell directly through our online store, but are carried in over 60 stores across the Southeast, as well as New York,

California, New Jersey, Ohio, including pharmacies, osteopathic (holistic) healthcare practices, chiropractors, health food stores and more.

We understand how overwhelming learning about CBD can be, respectively, and therefore wish to be a trusted partner to our customers. We want you to

know that you can rely on us. We use ourselves and (repeatedly) lab test our own products because we have your best interests at heart when a

product carries our name. We also recognize that many of our customers will be trying CBD in significant quantities for the first time, and we take a great deal

of responsibility in giving you the best possible first impression.

In short, our mission is to earn your trust. If you buy something from us, it will work well.

Please mail us at connect@newsouthbotanicals.com if you think we’re falling short of this goal.

We WELCOME you to our Family


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