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New South Botanicals was formed in July 2017 as a CBD-rich hemp flower oil extraction company intended to service the needs of South Carolina’s inaugural industrial hemp harvest in Fall 2018. We knew we needed to begin working on our extraction process before the first harvest, but soon discovered we could not legally import hemp flower grown out of state due to complex legal reasons. We could, however, import the hemp flower extract from out of state and work on the next step of developing ultra-low THC cannabinoid delivery systems.

Product development began with laboratory tests: pesticides, mycotoxins, heavy metals and cannabinoid content. Once a reliable, potent and aromatic (Colorado-based) hemp flower extract supplier was found, the focus moved to effectiveness and flavor with a constant eye on cannabinoid potency tests. Effectiveness in terms of cannabidiol (CBD) serving size and bioavailability, and flavorful: ultra-low THC cannabinoid products are not addictive, and if they don’t taste good, you’re less likely to use them as much as you should.

Our products have been redundantly lab tested to contain at or above the amount of advertised cannabinoids and THC levels well under the federal limit of 0.3%. They are legal to sell, own and consume in the United States and will not get you high–for example, a medium-sized (15-24mg) dose of CBD before an important business meeting or public speaking event might be a good idea.

Speak with your healthcare provider about the benefits of ultra-low THC, high-CBD cannabinoid extract products.


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