Today in Charleston, South Carolina and many other parts of the world, the pineapple is a symbol of Southern Hospitality. If you visit Charleston today, you’ll see pineapples everywhere, public and private. But why?

The legend goes that when captains came back from long trips at sea, often returning from the Caribbean, they would bring back many novelties and exotic items like pineapples and other rarities rarely found in the area (pineapples do not grown in South Carolina). The captain would thrust the pineapple atop a spear in front of his house to let his neighbors and friends know he had returned safely and that they were welcome to visit. Not long after, the motif of the pineapple became a significant element of Southern architecture and exterior design, and has since taken on the general meaning of friendliness and hospitality.

But there’s more to it than just this, the pineapple is also a lesser-known symbol of cannabis in general. Many genetic varieties of cannabis have flavor profiles reminiscent of pineapple fruit and have trade names that reflect that. We didn’t want to include basic cannabis leaves in our branding, so we went with the pineapple instead. While there are currently no hemp strains featuring pineapple-like aromas, we’re always on the lookout!

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