Before you start applying these uses listed above, read these two major tips first.

Key Tip #1: Make Sure the Ingredients are Compatible with Your Preferred Delivery Method

Before applying a tincture to another delivery method above, first look carefully through the ingredients within the formula.  Some tinctures do contain additional ingredients that may conflict with what you’re trying to use them for other than sublingual administration.  For instance, some tinctures contain flavoring ingredients that will interfere with your ability to use the formula as a food additive.  Also, some formulas may contain preservatives that are not advisable for vaping purposes.

Key Tip #2: Be Aware of the Milligram Strength

Another thing to keep in mind is that the milligram strength’s potency level in terms of how it affects you can differ when you change delivery methods.  In other words, if you have a 1000mg tincture that you wish to use for ingestion purposes, the milligram strength may affect you differently because it’s absorbing into your body in a different manner.  So, you may wish to use more or less of the tincture formula depending on how you plan to administer it to yourself.

What These Both Mean?

Basically, the delivery method can impact how quick and how potent the milligram strength of a particular CBD tincture will be. And, vise-versa, the milligram strength can have a unique effect depending upon how the CBD was either applied or consumed.

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