Our Mission

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New South Botanical’s mission is to create products and a brand synonymous with delicious, safe, effective and convenient cannabinoid extract infused delivery systems.

We also recognize that given the popularity, convenience and familiarity of products like our Vape Pod System, many of our customers will be trying CBD in significant quantities for the first time, and we take a great deal of responsibility with giving them the best possible first impression.

Back in 2014, many of the first CBD customers in the United States were swindled by opportunists selling mislabeled products, many of which were nothing but hemp seed oil containing no cannabinoids whatsoever. The industry has evolved a great deal since then, but even today in the world of CBD vaporizing products, the fact remains that nearly all solutions we have seen in the market are simply too diluted to be effective in any practical sense. Short of that, competing products have fallen short on flavor — in most plastic/silica cartridges you can literally taste the chemicals. Many use MCT as a carrier oil, which is not meant to be vaporized at all.

We understand how overwhelming learning about CBD and vaping can be, respectively, and therefore wish to be a trusted partner to our customers, that they know to rely on us, that we use and (repeatedly) lab test our own products and that we have their best interests at heart when a product carries our name.

In short, our mission is to earn your trust. If you buy something from us, it will work well. Please mail me at david@newsouthbotanicals.com if you think we’re falling short of this goal.

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