Cannabinoid Testing

New South Botanicals takes lab testing very seriously. We’re not sure where some other companies stand on this, but if we say a bottle of our tinctures is going to have X milligrams of CBD inside it, we do our utmost to ensure that it has at least that. We also of course ensure that THC levels remain below 0.3%. Since beginning product development in September 2017, we’ve done over 75 lab tests using a third party ISO-certified laboratory in Boston, MA that is widely regarded as the industry standard when it comes to accurate cannabinoid potency tests.

All of our new tincture labels (with the exception of the 1/2oz bottles due to space) designs in addition to our hemp extract infused honey sticks now contain QR codes linking to recent third party cannabinoid potency lab tests.


Advanced Vape Formula Lab Tests (Everything vaporizer product we make as of October 24, 2018 uses the Advanced Vape Formula)
cbd vape juul hemp oil vaporizer

Advanced Vape Formula

Original Hemp Flower Extract (Tincture) Lab Test:

Advanced Hemp Flower Extract (Tincture) Lab Test:
cbd hemp oil

Wildflower Hemp Honey Sticks:

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