We often get asked what the essential differences are between our various tincture (CBD hemp oil) products. The big difference between our respective tinctures are concentration and value. Skip to view the chart below, or read on to learn about some basic misunderstandings before checking it out.


It is important for CBD Oil customers to understand the importance of concentration when it comes to evaluating different products. Too often, we hear customers and even some retail store owners talk as if the “big bottle” has the most CBD in it. This is simply not true. For example, our 1 ounce Advanced Hemp Flower Extract has 1250 milligrams of CBD in it, while our 2oz Original Hemp Flower Extract has 820mg. Size is not as important as concentration — a bottle that is half the size of another but has 3X the concentration of cannabinoids like CBD in it should be and is more valuable than the larger bottle because it’s got more of the good stuff in it.


You can calculate value by dividing the price of what you’re buying by the total number of cannabinoids in that product. Using our tinctures, we’ve broken this down for you as simply as we can in the visualization below.

cbd hemp oil south carolina


The last thing needing to be mentioned on this topic is the subject of transparency, namely in this industry when it comes to the labeling how many cannabinoids a given product has in it. Our batches have tended to vary between -2 and +5% of advertised cannabinoid (CBD et al.) concentration, so we’re not criticizing that, if only because testing is not perfect, but what we are really referring to are companies who neglect to disclose at minimum recent laboratory cannabinoid tests for their products to retail customers. Things continue to change, but you can always count on New South Botanicals testing our batches like clockwork and sharing this information with you.

Nothing is perfect, but when in doubt it is part and parcel of our Standard Operating Procedures to err on the side of more!


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