We understand that there are people out there who are interested in using CBD, but they’re concerned about consuming THC, either because of personal or professional reasons.  While CBD is legal, THC is not, at least according to federal law.  If it is the law that you’re concerned about, avoiding THC is only necessary if you live in a state in which marijuana use has not been legalized.

Many people who wanna start a CBD routine are worried that doing so will cause them to fail a urine test due to the potential THC levels that were in the product.

THC in Hemp, and What it Means for CBD Users

Both of these compounds are found in the cannabis plant, and we know that a lot of people are still a bit confused about how they differ from each other. They refer to a class of compounds prevalent in cannabis.  The cannabis genus primarily offers two plants of interest: marijuana and hemp.  All marijuana products and marijuana derivatives are illegal according to federal law, while hemp is completely legal since the last handful of years.  The reason why marijuana is illegal while hemp is not is because of the THC content found in each plant.

The chemical composition of the marijuana plant generally has about 16 percent THC.  Meanwhile, hemp has no more than 0.3 percent on average.  Marijuana makes a person high, while hemp does not, because of this difference.  0.3 percent THC found in hemp simply can’t get a person high, no matter how much they take.

Does that mean that just because it won’t get a person high, that it won’t show up in a urine test?

Well, first, we have to differentiate between the three types of hemp extracts:

  • Full Spectrum Hemp: Contains the “full spectrum” of compounds as they occur in nature.  This means that you’ll get all of the cannabinoids plus other compounds like terpenes and flavonoids.  Only type of hemp extract that contains that trace amount of THC
  • Broad Spectrum Hemp: Contains every compound except for THC.
  • CBD isolate: Contains only CBD.

The Likelihood that THC in CBD Products Will Show Up in a Urine Test

Because the amount of THC in hemp is so low, it’s extremely rare that it will show up in a drug test.  Technically speaking, that 0.3 percent simply won’t appear at all, even if you take CBD products containing THC daily.  Drug tests that analyze urine simply aren’t sensitive enough to pick up on that trace amount, as they’re looking for a number of nanometers that’s much higher than what’s found in the hemp plant.

Therefore, allow us to say definitively that it is extremely unlikely that taking CBD products of any kind will cause you to fail a urine test due to THC levels.

Factors That Increase the Chances of a Positive THC Test

Just because the chance of failing a drug test due to CBD usage is incredibly low doesn’t mean that it’s impossible.  In rare cases, this can occur.

Factor #1: The Company Lied

The most common reason, unfortunately, is because the company was dishonest.  There are some companies that use marijuana extract rather than hemp extract to produce their CBD products, and these will contain THC that can show up on a urine test.

Factor #2: Cross-Contamination

Cross-contamination is another factor, and this is an unintentional and rare occurrence.  Those who produce hemp products may be handling products that contain ample amounts of THC as well, and sometimes, that THC can accidentally make its way into a hemp product.

Factor #3: You’ve Been Exposed to THC from Another Source

Sometimes, a failed test has nothing to do with the CBD product you were using, although it is natural to blame it on that.  Sometimes, you may be exposed to THC without realizing it, although this is rare.  If you were in close proximity to someone who was smoking marijuana, for instance, you may have unintentionally breathed in enough THC to cause you to fail a drug test.

Factor #4: The Hemp Wasn’t Tested

Companies must rigorously test their hemp extracts before producing CBD products, and one reason is to make sure that the level of THC is below the legal limit, which, as we said earlier, is 0.3 percent.  A company may skip the testing process if they aren’t necessarily a reputable manufacturer that adheres to strict guidelines that maintain quality control throughout the CBD industry.

How to Avoid It

How do you greatly reduce the risk of failing a urine test due to accidental intake of too much THC?

Tip #1: Stick to CBD Isolate and Broad Spectrum Products

One thing that you can do is stick with CBD isolate or broad spectrum products.  We said earlier that full spectrum hemp products contain the trace amount of THC that naturally occurs in hemp.  In both CBD isolate and broad spectrum products, the THC content has been carefully isolated and removed, making them THC-free. 

Tip #2: Only Buy CBD Products from Trusted Manufacturers

It’s also important to only purchase your CBD products from trusted brands with solid reputations.  This isn’t just because of your worry about failing a drug test.  High-quality CBD that comes from legitimate, well-respected companies are simply more likely to give you that desired experience, all while ensuring you’re consuming the best ingredients and purest CBD that’s out there.  Also, a trusted and respected company is far less likely to accidentally give you more THC than what’s advertised on their label. 

Tip #3: Look at Lab Reports Before Buying Products

Companies that are legitimate and trustworthy make these lab reports available to consumers.  When CBD companies make a hemp extract that they are going to be using as the base of their formulas, they first send off each batch to a third-party laboratory, where the hemp is vigorously tested.  Part of the testing process involves checking the chemical composition.  The full, detailed breakdown of the chemical composition is available on these reports, which will plainly state the amount of THC that’s in the hemp extract, among other things.

New South Botanicals CBD Products

We understand that customers want to make sure that they are only consuming the legal amount of THC when they take our CBD products.  Our hemp extracts afre redundantly tested by third-party laboratory facilities.  We can verify that all of our CBD products contain no more than 0.2 percent THC, which is well within the legal limit, and between 97 and 103 percent of the advertised amount of cannabidiol (CBD).

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