A lot of CBD users have found that tinctures are the best option for them out of all of the different types of hemp products on the market, and for a number of reasons.  CBD tinctures are known for being fairly fast-acting yet long-lasting, and they’re easy to administer while coming in a wide variety of options pertaining to the milligram strength, flavor, type of hemp extract and more.

But, did you know that a CBD tincture’s formula that you use daily can also be used for other purposes?  It turns out that tincture oil is perhaps the most versatile hemp product of all.  And, as most are aware, unique delivery methods can help you achieve different CBD-related goals, which is why it’s worth exploring the other ways in which this type of product can be used to take your wellness regimen to new heights.

What Exactly is in a CBD Tincture, Anyway?

Advanced Formula Mint Chocolate

           Advanced Formula Mint Chocolate

Before we break down the various non-sublingual uses for a CBD tincture, we need to first explain what makes this product so versatile in the first place.  A basic CBD tincture formula consists of two ingredients: a hemp extract and a carrier oil.  The hemp extract is produced by running the hemp plant through an extraction process in order to lift the compounds from the plant material, resulting in an oily concentrate that can then be added to other ingredients. 

This means that a CBD tincture in its most basic form is nothing more than a diluted CBD extract.  This is why it has so many unique uses.  After all, CBD extract is the base ingredient of almost every hemp product that’s available today.

“did you know that a CBD tincture’s formula that you use daily can also be used for other purposes?”

Other Uses for CBD Tinctures That Aren’t Sublingual

Here are several ways for which this product can be used in other manners to allow people to get the most out of their CBD experience.

Method for Possible Usage #1: Applied Topically

Topicals are hemp-based products that are absorbed through the skin, allowing the compounds to reach the muscular and joint tissue while dispersing the compounds throughout the skin’s cannabinoid receptors.  A CBD tincture formula, being basically a diluted CBD oil, can act as a topical, as the oil-based consistency absorbs into the skin easily, carrying those wonderful hemp compounds with it. 

Method for Possible Usage #2: Food Additive

If you wanna quickly turn any meal into a cannabinoid-rich treat, you can simply mix a dose of your CBD tincture formula into a finished dish that you have prepared.

Method for Possible Usage #3: An Ingredient

Similarly, you can use a CBD tincture formula for cooking and baking purposes, incorporating it into your favorite edible recipe.  Just avoid allowing the tincture to exceed 365 degrees Fahrenheit, otherwise the compounds will break down.

Methods for Possible Usage #4: A Skincare Serum

The cannabinoid receptors in our skin can utilize cannabinoids like CBD in a number of ways, which is why the CBD skincare industry is booming right now.  The good news is that you can simply use your CBD tincture as a skincare serum, rather than having to invest in a new skincare product.  That’s because a basic CBD tincture consists solely of skin-friendly ingredients.

CBD Oil Versatility at Your Fingertips

If you are looking for a highly versatile CBD product that can be utilized in a number of useful ways, a CBD tincture is your best bet.  As you can see, this simple product is so much more than a sublingual means for delivering hemp’s desirable compounds to your body.  Use the guide above to come up with some new ways to enjoy this multi-functional formula for a more customized hemp experience.


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